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C-Patient has a mission to make patients with chronic wound feeling CONFIDENT 

C-Patient use the temperature to secure a safe and successful treatment!

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About Us

About Us

C-Patient IVS is a part of Pyt Holding IVS and is founded by Steffan Laugaard Nielsen. Pyt Holding is owned by Søren Ejnar Nielsen and Steffan Laugaard Nielsen. Steffan and C-Patient is a part of Iværksætterpilot Ordningen by Innovationsfonden.
C-Patient is currently on the stage of proof of concept and has raised capital from Innobooster.


C-Patient needs capital to go further in the process and is therefore looking for investors. If you find our concept interesting please contact us for more information and to set up a meeting. We are looking forward to here from you!

Our history

The project started as a university project because of the question – “How is it possible to get influenza symptoms and end up with an amputation of the feet?”
Diabetes patients has a risk of get the disease of neuropathy, meaning that the patient loses the ability to feel in primary their feet and legs. If a patient has a foot ulcer (chronic wound) and the ulcer gets infected the patient with neuropathy wont be able to feel the pain. First after about three days the patient will get symptoms like influenza. A foot ulcer takes about 30-50 weeks to be treated.

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